Hoax email warnings

A hoax or "spam" email is an email which is intended to look legitimate but in many cases is designed for extracting confidential information such as passwords, credit card details or email addresses. We have identified the following emails as spam. If you receive any of the emails listed on this page, please do not reply and delete them.

If you receive an email you find suspicious that is not listed here, feel free to consult Tips for identifying spam email FAQ or call us for advice.

  1. payment Remittance Advise!
  2. Invoice Notice 102206AU[[NUM1]
  3. Microsoft account security confirmation
  4. Large file delivery
  5. Reply from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment [SEC=OFFICIAL]
  6. Schedule notification
  7. f5jwf3cmtjpbl4lu
  8. New Request
  9. Check the confidentiality of your information (according to our security service, your account has been hacked).
  10. You Have Received A New File.
  11. New PO #75302 - February 10 2020
  12. PO# 8749365 12-02-2020
  13. Netflix - We're sorry to say goodbye
  14. random
  15. Hi , we have tried to call you
  16. Request
  17. [action required] faculty/staff revised and updated catalog from President Prof. Margaret Sheil AO.
  18. Revalidations of Email
  20. Email Verification Process
  21. Reminder regarding previous mail
  22. request for interview for Brisbane Times
  23. Subject: Unblock your account
  24. RMS Receipt
  25. Your Salary Raise Letter
  26. You receive a voice message
  27. Unblock ! XXX.XXX@qut.edu.au
  28. Qut Action Required.Please Validate Your Email 29 April, 2019
  29. Information about your account: first.last@qut.edu.au
  30. New Qutbluebox Management Message