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Date Reported: 03/07/2018
Message Subject: Notification Ref: GB2-FL37X01JUL2018
From Address(s): You Have Won! <no-reply-hy654-07-2018@elasticemail.com>
Message Body:

Notification Ref: GB2-FL37X01JUL2018

This is a notice to the winners selected in the July 2018 BTB Super Draw held in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Participants of the program include a random selection of thousands of registered email addresses belonging to individuals located in the European Union (EU) and 21 countries worldwide. All email addresses were provided by participating email providers. Winners were selected randomly using a Generating System which randomly selects a specified number of emails from the participating list simultaneously. Your email was included as one of the fortunate winners.

This program is supported by major internet organizations and global email providers.

Prize Amount: £875,320.00 British Pounds

Claim Location:
118 Bark Street,
Bolton BL1 2AX
Mon-Fri 10:30am-5pm | Sat 11am-3:45pm

Required documentation at Claim Location
* Bring a copy of this Notification, along with a valid Government Issued ID. A valid government issued photo identification (ID) includes a Driving License, National ID, or a Passport.

IMPORTANT: If for any reason you are unable to be present at the claim location to claim in person, an alternate arrangement can be made. MUST be for a valid reason (e.g. illness, disability or location).

Provide the information below via e-mail to: claim@intclaimcentre.com The subject of your email should be your full name and the Alert Reference.

* Reason:
* Alternate Email (if any):
* Your Full Names (as on your Driving License, National ID, or Passport):
* Your Date of Birth:
* Your Complete Mailing Address Street, City, State and Country (only provide if you reside outside the United Kingdom):
* Your Preferred Contact Method - Email or Phone (indicate phone number/email and if you would like to be contacted by phone please state the best time to reach you):