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Date Reported: 01/06/2018
Message Subject: Infringement notice
From Address(s): mailto:segnuno@iol.pt
Message Body:


Infringements Act 2006
Infringements(Reporting and Prescribed Details and Forms) Regulations 2006
Notice to the Owner This is an 'Infringement Notice' in relation to the Road safety Road Rules 2009

Ticket No.483880651:3694244
Date May 30 2018
Council - City Council
Officer ID 66253
Officer Name Kyle Parker
Offence - Fail to stop at red light
Penalty $35.61
Due Date 05/06/2018

This infringement penalty must be paid by the Due Date.
Failure to pay the infringement penalty by the Due Date may result in further enforcement action being taken and incurring further costs.