Beware of recent ransomware attacks and email scams

Date posted: 15/05/2017

Please be aware of a new wave of ransomware attacks that are occurring globally. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that takes over a computer and locks the user out, preventing them from accessing any files until they pay money. 

For staff with computers provided by QUT and all QUT networked computers (i.e. students labs) software updates will be provided automatically when those computers are physically connected to QUT networks or via the VPN when connected wirelessly. 

QUT staff and students with personal computers running Microsoft Windows are advised to immediately ensure their computers are updated with the latest patches from Microsoft.

If anyone sees the following screen appear on their computer they are advised to turn off the computer immediately and contact IT Helpdesk on 3138 4000.


For more information on how to stay safe online visit Information Security.