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Date Reported: 01/10/2013

Wells Fargo Bank

Message Subject: Re: REF
From Address(s): Timothy J. Sloan <timothyjsloan@wellsfargo.com>
Reply-To Address(s): timothysloanfargo@gmail.com
Message Body:

Wells Fargo Bank 100 Park Ave, New York, 10017 USA Email;timothysloanfargo@usa.com Tel ; 1-914-401-1847 Attn; Your long overdue lottery payment Your long overdue lottery payment valued 3,000.000usd From National UK Lottery 1010 Liverpool, UK,London United Kingdom has been received by our bank on Monday the 12th day of August 2013.and will be sent to you via ATM visa/ Master card, Ref of your lottery winnings, Ticket no 057299401 Winning no UK/405590 Serial no 1243220029 Total amount won== 3,000.000usd Taxes and bank commissions=30,000usd Total deduction =30,000usd Balance====2,970,000usd Please reconfirm your name, your address and your phone number, via this email(timothysloanfargo@gmail.com) or call; 1-914-401-1847 to enable wells Fargo bank send your ATM visa card to you directly while your four(4) digit pin code will be given to you as soon as we hear from you. Congratulations Best Regard Timothy J. Sloan Chief Financial Officer, Wells Fargo Bank